I'm Flo

I am a professionally trained & licensed master Barber-stylist & Deva Advanced Curl Specialist. I offer personal grooming services for men, women, & children, with an emphasis on clipper and shear cutting. I also specialize in natural hair, whether you rock it pressed or in a glorious fro! 

With a focus on healthy scalp and hair and a background in Graphic Design, I create beautiful hair and I can lace you with some clippers. I love nature and believe in a holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellness.


MY CURL JOURNEY My mother loved my hair. She always said to me that I had beautiful hair that was so versatile. But, growing up with a “light skinned” mother & sister that both had “good hair”, I would look in the mirror and only see ugly, puffy hair. I remember hating the way it would wave up when I tried to brush it flat in a ponytail. At the age of 15 I got my first relaxer and I felt like the world had finally smiled at me. My hair was long, straight & healthy. That lasted like two months. I noticed I didn’t get the same results when it was time for my touch up. I relaxed my hair for 7 years & in the end I was left with hair that was very weak, brittle, & dry. And it always smelled like relaxer. I HATED THAT.

When I was 21, a friend who always wore her long hair straight decided to cut it very short & stop blow drying it for the summer. I was so in love with her curly fro, I decided to skip my touch up appointment to see what my natural hair looked like. I liked it. I started to transition that summer in July & Big Chopped in December 2003. All my life I wanted the sort of hair that was wash & go. That I didn’t have to wrestle with & that gave me freedom to just be. I always thought I could only achieve that with straight hair. I was so wrong, my natural curls are sooooo freeing. I no longer have to worry about getting my hair messed up. The bigger the hair, the more I like it. It’s a perfect compliment to my personality & I thank God everyday for giving it to me.

Clients Reviews

What Clients Say

“I love my cut with Flo for my curls- She did an outstanding job to educate me on how to take care of my hair and style it. ”

Tonya P.

Tonya P.

Designer Curly Cut & WashNGo

“Wendy is passionate about what she does and it SHOWS in her work. I love my results EVERY time and I receive non-stop compliments on my hair. I refer her OFTEN!”

Retha A.

Retha A.

TWA Tapered Fro

“Flo did an amazing job and made me have confidence in my hair again!”

Daisha A.

Daisha A.

The Whole Shebang