Hola! New Curl Friend

We’ve all heard that natural hair is a journey. It’s almost cliche at this point. But the truth is that in order to see a transformation in how your hair responds and how it appears, you have to change the way you approach it. When you partner with me, I will teach you everything you need to know to be successful at home with your personal hair care.

To avoid long appointment times and mediocre results, it is important to work on hair that is “bare”, meaning it doesn’t contain any buildup creating, sealing, drying ingredients. Most of the products readily accessible to consumers contain some form of these ingredients. This is where our partnership comes in.

Before you come in for your appointment, I NEED YOU TO DETOX!!

What is a Detox?

A detox is an intensive cleansing session used for removing all buildup forming ingredients that cause dryness, dullness, and suffocate the curl. For the 30 days before your appointment, stop the use of oils, butters, silicones, and Eco Styler/Wetline gel. These products/ingredients prevent the hair from receiving water and have a huge impact on the outcome of your hair at our upcoming appointment.

How do I detox?
  1. Clarify your curls with Kinky Curly Come Clean every 8 weeks until further notice.
  2. Shampoo and condition with AG Hair Naturals Balance and Boost every 7-10 days.
  3. Style with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic for a wash and go, or The Doux Mousse Def for Twist Outs.
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