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Personal Shopping
and Styling

If you want confidence in your style, you've come to the right place. I specialise in creating effortless, up to date, wardrobes. My style packages enable you to make the best of your image.

Clients Reviews

What Clients Say

“I love my cut with Flo for my curls- She did an outstanding job to educate me on how to take care of my hair and style it. ”

Tonya P.

Tonya P.

Designer Curly Cut & WashNGo

“Wendy is passionate about what she does and it SHOWS in her work. I love my results EVERY time and I receive non-stop compliments on my hair. I refer her OFTEN!”

Retha A.

Retha A.

TWA Tapered Fro

“Flo did an amazing job and made me have confidence in my hair again!”

Daisha A.

Daisha A.

The Whole Shebang
About Emberlyn

Find Your Style With Me

All of my clients are unique and special. They are discerning and successful individuals with super busy lifestyles. My sole objective is to enhance their individuality and increase confidence!

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Fashion Tips For Women Of All Sizes
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When it comes to fashion tips, it sometimes seems that everyone and their mother (literally!) has tried-and-true style advice they absolutely swear by. Some are useful, while others …well, not so much.