It's a Commitment

Once you color your hair it is now processed hair, you have to grow it out and cut off the processed hair to go back to unprocessed hair.  Because of this, I have invested a lot into learning about formulations and how to care for your curls in the coloring process.

Curls have to be at a certain level of hydration before a color service will not damage the pattern.


ALL Color Services: Please clarify your hair prior to your appointment. Do not apply any products in your hair. It is ok to leave a little conditioner in it. Style in 4 chunky twists or stretch the hair. Please arrive with clean, dry, un-tangled hair.

Book a color consultation today. I will perform a patch test to see how your hair responds to a chemical service. This information helps me be ready for your custom formulation. We will also go over some specifics, and agree on a game plan to move forward.

Looking forward to working with you!