Loyal Client

How To Arrive

Thank you so much for continuously trusting me with your crown!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THIS HAIR PREP: I have the liberty to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE your appointment if you don’t prep your hair as I have requested and late cancellation fees will apply per studio policies.

Please arrive with your hair fully de-tangled (there is a de-tangling fee if excessive de-tangling is needed – over 20 minutes), completely dry, and with a little to no styling products (no oils or heavy butters).

Please wear your hair down with NO headbands, ponytails, braids, buns, twist or braid outs, updo styles, or any style that will stretch your curl pattern.

Please arrive with a fresh, dry wash and set. Day one or two only. This Is Very Important! If your hair is not prepped correctly for the Express Designer Curly Cut I may cancel the appointment and charge late cancellation fees will apply per studio policies.

Please clarify your hair prior to your appointment. Do not apply any products in your hair. It is ok to leave a little conditioner in it. Style in 4 chunky twists or stretch the hair as if prepping for braids. Please arrive with clean, dry, un-tangled hair.