Cryotherapy For Curl & Coil Hydration

Hola My Curl Loves!

I believe it’s safe to say that, by now, we all know that what our curls need to be defined, soft, and thriving is lots and lots of hydration aka water. We’ve come a long way from the days of slathering our crowns with oils and buildup producing hair products just to wonder why we were still chasing the solution to dry, brittle, frizzy hair. We’ve increased in knowledge of hair science and how it all fits together to reveal a popping crown of curly and coily curls. Kudos to us! If you’ve sat in my chair before, you already know that I preach hair science all day long, so it comes as no wonder when revolutionary services are added to the market, that I jump all over them! I stay tryna spoil and upgrade ya hair lives!

One of the newest technologies to hit the curly world is Cryotherapy For Hair. Cryo indicates low temperatures, frost, cold or freezing. Therapy means a curative power or quality. Cryotherapy for curls is the science of using low, freezing temperatures to help hydrate, replenish, and restore our curls and coils. Science teaches us that heat allows our hair’s cuticle to swell making it easier for our crown to absorb whatever we’re trying to give it whether its water, color, or conditioners. Cold has the opposite effect on our tresses, working from the inside out, it causes the cuticle to contract and flatten, increasing the treatment absorption ability of the strand by sealing the intense hydration, color, or nourishment the heat helped deliver.

This freezing cold process produces curls and coils that clump better, are less frizzy, are more shiny/lustrous and manageable, and can hold your hydrate and define style for longer.

Are you ready to jump into this cutting-edge treatment service? This new therapy benefits extremely dehydrated hair by restoring it from its lack of hydration, as well as hair that is hydrated by allowing the curls to remain in this maximum health longer. A session takes about 45 minutes and starts at $65. It can be added to any service where you will be getting any kind of hair treatment or deep conditioner. For best results, I recommend a session every 4 weeks for dehydrated hair or every 12-16 weeks for hydrated hair. In cases of extreme dehydration caused by neglect or over processed hair, I recommend a session every one to two weeks for a month to help replenish the hair and every 12 to 16 weeks thereafter.

Coupled with my custom mixed treatments, your curls and coils are on their way to their best life! This technology truly was the missing link to less frizz, higher shine/luster, and defined hair that can pop for more than just three to four days.  Add this state-of-the-art service to your next session! Book your session now!

See ya in the studio, darlings <3

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